April 19th 2013

Update To Kinosis Negotiations

Hello To All Aramark-Kinosis Members, to update you on the current negotiations with United Food And Commercial Workers and Aramark-Kinosis, UFCW Local 401’s negotiating team recently had a two and a half day meeting set with the company’s negotiating team in Edmonton on April 3, 4, and 5. With each set of negotiating meetings, Local 401 and the members at Aramark-Kinosis are able to make progress in achieving a collective agreement at the Kinosis site.

Although initial meetings with the Company’s committee started off slowly and contained some difficult moments, this latest set of meetings went very well. We realized significant movement on some key issues, such as the contracts preamble.  

“Having been involved in the past with the negotiating process, I think it’s safe to say that the uncertainty can be a daunting and challenging ride. But the outcome is what makes the trip worthwhile,” commented Union Representative Clayton Herriot.

There were many exchanges between both committees on proposed language changes that, at times, extended the gap of agreement instead of closing it. After the Union took a final stance on proposed language to certain articles, the Company's committee became agreeable to  language with which President Doug O’Halloran, Union Representative Clayton Herriot, Head of Organizing Chris O’Halloran, and Presidential Aid Steven Reed were pleased. 

The Aramark-Kinosis employees sitting on the bargaining committee are showing more confidence with each set of negotiations. The committee, consisting of: Shelley Wright, Rick Frenzel, Abdikadir Guled, and Big ‘H’ Sharmarke Hassan, provided President Doug O’Halloran with key knowledge of the daily operations, which enabled him to alter and adjust some key language to articles in ways that increased the benefits for the employees at Aramark-Kinosis. By the end of the session, the Union's committee was able to secure agreements for all non-monetary articles.

With warm weather approaching and a strong optimism around working relations, the employees' committee and UFCW Local 401’s negotiating team are looking forward to moving through the coming monetary-focused negotiating sessions and achieving considerable results. The dates for the  next set of meetings to be held in Edmonton are April 30 and May 1.  Further updates will be posted on the site.

For more information or updates, contact your Union Representative Clayton Herriot at cherriot@ucfw401.ab.ca

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