March 6th 2013

Local 401 remains cautiously optimistic about ongoing negotiations with Aramark

March 6, 2013

There has been steady improvement in the ongoing negotiations between Aramark Remote Services, UFCW Local 401, and Aramark employees at the Kinosis camp.

These negotiations involve an upcoming contract for remote hospitality workers in the Fort McMurray Oil Sands. The first set, which took place on February 19th and 20th, went well overall despite some communication issues between the parties. Local 401 is happy to report that the second set, which took place on February 25th and 26th, was even more productive.

The committee from Kinosis put forth great information to help Local 401 respond to proposals from the company pertaining to the camp. The Union is happy with the progress that has been made so far regarding non-monetary issues, and remains cautiously optimistic about the next negotiating session in April, where both parties will try to resolve non-monetary issues.

The employer, Aramark Remote Workplace Services, was represented by: Human Resources Manager Jamil Kara, Senior Vice President Operations and Sales Rick C. Bennett, Human Resources Director Central Canada Steven Leonoff, and Human Resources Director Western Canada Katherine Jones, and the newly-introduced District Manager Aman Bhalla.

On the other side, negotiations were led by Local 401 President Douglas O’Halloran, along with Union Representative Clayton Herriot, and Negotiating Committee members Shelley Wright, Rick Frenzel, Abdi Kadir Guled, and Sharmarke Hassan.

“During the previous session, the company told us that it appreciated the direct and open communication coming from the employees,” says Herriot, describing the employee feedback provided to the company. “I think the experience was an eye opener for them.”

No dates have been set for the April negotiating session as of yet, but they will be announced shortly. For any more information about Kinosis Negotiations please contact Clayton Herriot at 780-472-4257


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